PLease obey by the rules of the site; by buying a ticket you are agreeing to uphold these rules. 

- fire

fire's on site must be tightly controlled. some of the soil on site holds peat, and as such no ground fires of any kind are allowed by anyone, at any time. 

any ground fires will be smothered immediately when found. 

all cooking fires must be raised above the ground and attended at all times. any cooking fires must be contained and not allowed to spread from their container. no exceptions 

all instructions regarding fire by a crew member must be respected and adhered to.

this is for everyone's safety. do not make their jobs harder by arguing.

- dogs

dogs are allowed on site but must be kept on leads at all times.

there are no exceptions to this;your dog may be friendly and perfectly fine - but the rules still apply!!

- weapons

The event is a non-carry event when it comes to weaponry (re-enactment or otherwise). any weapon bought at the traders must be taken to their tent/car, and not carried about. 

this is for everyone's safety.


The event has as strict no drug policy. anyone found to be in possession or using whilst on site will be reported straight to the police. 

- crew

The crew are on site in order to help the event run smoothly, and give up their free time and enjoyment of the festival to make sure you are safe and having a good time; they are therefore to be respected, as all instructions by  crew members will always be given for a reason, for everyone's safety.

any mistreatment of crew will be dealt will severely.


any discrimination or hateful behavior on site is not tolerated, or any kind, for any reason. this event is for everyone to enjoy.

any instances of discrimination/hateful speech or actions will be dealt with severely.

                                                                                                                          agree to this?                              your ticket now.